Friday, July 24, 2009

There is definitely something wrong with me.

So, I've reported on the crick in my neck that's been haunting me for over a week now. The night before last, it shifted to a point in my back/shoulder. Now, it must be pinching a nerve, because I have limited control of my arm (weird? I know, right?). It feels a little bit like my right arm (I'm a righty - this is my luck) is almost foreign to my body. I can only lift it so far, and my shoulder and arm are in pain! Ouch! (I'm trying to type this one-handed.)

It's a little funny. My mom doesn't see the humor. She wants me to see a chiropractor, but I think it's getting better. (This is what I tell myself anyway. Denial isn't always a bad thing.)

If I appear absent for the next couple days, this is why.

Pain sucks. Sam signing out.

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