Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me - complaining again.

I've been totally slacking with this blog and my cheapskate guide. I admit it. I even added cinema therapy and blog of the week to be fill-ins for any real information. (They are actually fun little indulgences for me - I know you like them - don't judge.)

I guess I can tell you some things that are going on.

Firstly, my arm still hurts from the aforementioned injury. When I related the extent of the height of the pain to my mother (RN and fibromyalgia victim), saying it was an eight on the pain scale, she had the balls to demean my experience.

Mom: Well, an eight for you maybe.

My response: [scoff] What are you trying to say? I have no pain tolerance?

Mom: [rolls eyes and changes subject]

You know, I wait an awful long time before resorting to any form of pain killers. I don't mind minor discomforts. I don't even usually take anything for cramps. But she's my mother, so she thinks that she has a perfect right (and with the fibromyalgia, completely licensed) to belittle any injury I might have.

Am I the only one who gets this from a parent? It's not even right.

Anyway, it's raining a little today. All I can say is that crap better clear up before tonight, because I have a date with a drum and a bugle. I'm supposed to go to a drum and bugle corps show in Greendale. Of course, such events take place outside, and though I'm not opposed to getting wet once in a while (the occasional shower, running between the car and the store in a storm, you get the drill) I'm not a fan of the wet-clothing-sticking-to-the-skin thing. I get itchy.

I am literally ten cents from ordering another magazine through e-rewards. I've decided the next mag pick is Afar magazine. It has an interesting concept: experiential travel. I've noticed that so many people focus their traveling on doing the things that others are doing, activities specifically created and marketed towards the tourist, that and where to shop. At least, most travel mags do (I could just be picky about this, or maybe it's my arm annoying me).

And it seems lately that I'm helping other people with their travel plans, which would be okay if I had my own travel plans to dedicate my enthusiasm towards. But at the moment, not so. C'est la vie.

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