Thursday, July 2, 2009

Because I don't think this gets asked enough...

When I was first working for Wal-Mart in 2001, I decided to go that summer with a couple of friends from work to see the movie Jeepers Creepers. (I don't know how the Wal-Mart thing is relevant, but it's worth noting.)

Now, on the whole, I think this movie was an absolute piece of crap. I don't know why anyone bothered to see it, much less myself. There must have been something promising in the trailer. Give me some credit. I was 22 and had a few bucks in my pocket from the full-time bad excuse for a job.

So, in the movie, this monster-flying-creepy-thing drives this scary motorized jalopy with the personalized plates that say BEATINGU - meaning "be eating u".

My question is this (and this doesn't get asked enough):
Did the monster actually go into the DMV, wait for an hour or so, then apply for his personalized plates? Seriously.

Why don't more people ask this? More importantly, didn't the people making this movie think of this?

I've been stuck on this for eight years. I know - move on, Sam.

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  1. I would have guessed the plates just said "beating you" ... as in it was a drag race and I'm "beating you"

    So, I would venture to argue that those plates belonged to someone else (who, of course, was into drag racing) and the monster just stole them and put them on his truck.

    HAHA ... just kidding! It's just a movie!

    But Justin Long was definitely a hottie in this one.




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