Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My head hurts!

There should be a body parts store. It could be like a cute little boutique, stocked with brand new necks, and arms, and torsos, and even ankles. Anytime a body part breaks down or proves inadequate, you just go to that shop, find the one that works for you and be on your way. Lickety-split!

After having slept awkwardly the night before last, I have one of those tweaked necks that I manage to get every once in a while. This particular one has been leading to headaches and ear pain (that's right - I said ear pain). No amount of rubbing has made any difference. I applied heat to it yesterday, and then I managed to forget to throw an ice pack on it. This morning, when I was lifting my suddenly gargantuan-sized head off the pillow, a sharp pain shot throw my neck into my head and down into my shoulders.

Whoever designed this thing made a big mistake! Why are heads placed on the narrow platform we like to call a "neck"? Shouldn't they be put on something sturdier? Yeah, we'd look weird, but at least we'd have less pain.

By the way, for all you side sleepers out there, they actually make pillows especially for us! Yay! But the retailers discriminate against side sleepers, charging more for these pillows than those made for back sleepers. Boo! End the madness! Make them the same price for Pete's sake!

I've been using a firmer pillow of late, which has helped, but didn't the other night, apparently.

Stay tuned to Sam's further adventures - next time: a trip to IKEA or adventures in Wonderland? (Yeah, I'm going again.)

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