Thursday, July 9, 2009

A late night secret post...

So, I have to tell you, I decided (mind you, very last minute and thinking I was fooling someone - who? I have no idea) to run out to Culver's for a little (itty-bitty-bit) frozen custard. This isn't any of that sweet-tooth savior-created pseudo-healthy stuff. Oh no. This is in-your-face-gonna-put-some-meat-on-ya frozen dairy heaven - er - custard. And instead of opting for the one scoop vanilla in a dish (which, I swear, was my intention), I got the two scoop sundae with hot fudge and Snickers.

Let the self-loathing begin. Okay, not really. You know what? I love it. I love it and I won't deny it. I won't hide it. I won't pretend that this stuff is quite possibly the best stuff on Earth (move over Snapple) - because it is!

Besides the secret rendezvous with the drive-thru attendant (and the point that I keep screwing around with this stuff), I noticed that the SUV ahead of me had that window chalk-writing on it. Random numbers followed by the date and some more random numbers. I had to giggle.

You see, dear readers, in Milwaukee, this means you've had your car towed. Probably for unpaid parking tickets too. (It's possible they do this everywhere, but I just don't know and never bothered to find out.)

What's funny about this is that the chalk-writing is an immediate indication of said event. You would think that people would be mortified to keep that on their car windows (please don't notice that I'm a slacker who refuses to buy the extortion sticker to park in front of my own house that I pay taxes on). You would think. But it turns out that people keep this on their windows for a long time - like some bizarre badge of honor. A scar from the war with the meter maids.

The SUV ahead of me had a date written on it from May. That's really not all that bad. My mom had one on her car for over a year. But that was just because she wouldn't take her car to the car wash (don't get me started on that one). And that chalk-junk-stuff doesn't come off with the rain. You have to physically wash it off.

Much like everything else.


  1. Don't worry - Snapple's "best stuff on Earth" just got better -

    But, please, next time opt for the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead of Snickers, so that that I may relate :)

    As far as the chalk thing ... doesn't happen in Jersey. Probably because they don't make enough chalk! I would be mortified!


  2. You'd think more people would be mortified. I know I would be. People get really miffed about the parking permit sticker thing though. Maybe it's a secret rebellion. Or maybe it's like wearing one of those ribbons that people have, standing in solidarity for/against something. You know - AIDS, breast cancer, free parking. Who knows?




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