Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dawdling - yeah, that's right.

I am a little annoyed with Blogger today. I have this really bad habit of wasting time by trying to find other cool or unique or weird blogs. So, I hit the "next blog" button, looking for others, and today, it seems that they just keep providing me the same five or six over and over, until I finally get the point and give up.

I like checking out other blogs. It's fun. I try to give a look-see to most of the ones that I'm following most days. Maybe I should be doing that instead of adding more to the already oversized list of weblogs I'm already following.

Or better yet, get some freakin' work done.

Just a thought.

Update: My sister is reporting that my niece got her first molar in. This weekend, Lily was being especially whiny (and annoying), and Shannon was crabbing at her a little for it. Then she felt bad when she realized that the kid poked another tooth through, and not one of the fun ones. In addition to this, Lily is now officially afraid of bugs. This is funny because this is the same toddler that was previously trying to kiss ladybugs. Now, if a fly lands on her or an ant crawls on her, she freaks out like me when there's a spider in the tub (envision a crazy person running around, arms flailing). She is so unpredictable (Lily, not the crazy person - me). And quickly becoming a girly-girl. I think Shannon was hoping that Lily would be a little tomboyish like she was when she was little. But Lily may change back yet. We'll see.


  1. LOL Blogs are such time killers, but oh so much fun. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today. Hope we "see" much more of each other!

  2. Reading other's blogs is one of those daily indulgences that doesn't feel like an out and out sin (like frozen custard). But it does keep me on the procrastinating end of the spectrum. Working on that. Just another thing that's "in-progress". Thanks for visiting ModernMom!

  3. Yes Samantha. Some freak thing has happened to bloggers. When you hit the next blog button the same 7 or 8 blog are getting repeated. Great mileage for them.

  4. Yes, unfortunate for us though. Maybe it's better to do a little leg work through the other blogs I follow and check out the blogs of the followers or the blogs that those bloggers follow. That's what I've been doing since this started. Thanks for visiting!




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