Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank God I wasn't naked!

Funny how things work.

The gas meter on the house is located inside the enclosed deck off the back room addition. I was sitting all ho-hum this morning, reading a book, enjoying the weather as the breeze wandered in through the open sliding glass door. Suddenly, I was not alone!

The guy came to read the meter today, and all I can think is "whew, thank God I wasn't naked!"

I'm sure there have been many a nude person imposed upon by these rare and always sudden occurrences. I was not one of them. Simply startled, then went about my day.

Yikes! That was a close one. (Note: It wasn't really that close, I am not one of those people who is only comfortable in the buff. But I could've been. That's a nice breeze today.)

Now, I'm contemplating the next home project in a concerted effort to clean up the dung heap - er - garbage dump - er - this lovely home. They shouldn't call them ranches. They should call them the single-story abodes that rarely provide enough storage space and thus accumulate crap. (Added note: I realize this is deflecting blame from where it squarely deserves to be - on me. I am not always organized, but when I am, I really am.)

Plus, whoever planned my bedroom should be shot. There are two doors into it: one from the kitchen and one from the hallway. This makes it increasingly difficult to find a decent place to put the bed, much less any other furniture. And you factor in the stupid placement of the windows, and I just want to scream.

Moving is quickly looking a lot more pretty! Shannon might win out on her endeavor to bring me and Mom into the same state as her little family.

Until tomorrow (if I can get my ass to the blog).

P.S. The neck still hurts. I've pretty much given up. Now, I'm giving into the pain and waiting patiently for it to fade. Any day now...

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