Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cinema Therapy, volume 2

Today's Cinema Therapy pick is Iron Jawed Angels.

I love any movie that documents any historical struggle by one group and ends with a victory on their part.

I think women might take for granted the right to vote now - it's been almost ninety years since the nineteenth amendment was ratified, guaranteeing women the right to vote. So, when I watched this, I was doubly impressed not only by the suffragettes resolve, but also by their willingness to do what they needed to to get their voices heard. It's very moving, and a stirring reminder of what the US would be like if women were still overwhelmingly viewed the way they were by men during that time and how far we've come.

We may not be all there yet - there are still some glass ceilings to break - but I'm very proud of what women have been able to accomplish since then.

There are some great performances in this film. Of course, Hilary Swank rocks, as usual, but so do Frances O'Connor (who I've been a fan of since Mansfield Park), Vera Farmiga, and Molly Parker. Great for a rainy day!

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