Friday, July 10, 2009

Ho Hum

Not a whole lot went on today. For the most part, just moped, as I do every year on this day. I shouldn't say I moped; it was more of a somber reflection. Thirteen years since Dad died. Thirteen years. It might as well have been last week, with the wound still bitingly fresh. But only in moments like this. (Read my post on A Really Good Day about this.)

And now, I'm thinking about what I need to do tomorrow. Can we say "major cleaning"? There's a crap-load of clothes I need to go through. (I see a rummage sale in my future. And a trip to Goodwill.) And paper hell to sort.

I lost the phone number of a good friend of mine. That's what I get for being a dumbass from time to time. Michael, are you out there?

He was supposed to get back to me about getting together via email. I haven't seen him in over a year. He moved down to the Chicago area a couple years ago and just moved back. I should find my old cell phone and see if I was smart enough to put it in my contacts at the time.

Have you ever been tempted to spend an afternoon at Borders or Barnes & Noble, just to flip through magazines? If I get far enough tomorrow with the clean-up attempt, Sam might be taking a wee trip over to Greenfield.

Sorry, I felt the need to document a boring day.

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