Friday, January 1, 2010

I joined Facebook - I asked for it.

So, a personal friend has de-friended me on Facebook. By "personal friend", I mean someone who I work with I had considered my friend. Even after I quit the store, we did stuff together, and talked on the phone, and all the things that people do when they are actual friends.

For whatever reason, Sadie has given my ass the boot, and well, I'm not all that sad. This may have been a while coming. But there's more to this story than meets the eye.

Sadie and I have had bouts of contention in the past. This has always, always been work-related. We always got on better when we didn't work together. I know she has a work ethic, she's just not displaying it right now, and it's caused me to comment on it. To her. When I heard she'd gotten a D-Day (Decision Day, where management decides if they're going to keep you or not), I wasn't all that surprised. The reason I'd initially heard about was stupid, but that's besides the point. And it made me think that they were just coming up with a reason to get rid of her. I'm not the only one who's had issue with her before. If I'd commented on this to someone (at least someone who can't keep his/her mouth shut), I don't recall. So, whatever her deal, Sadie ended our Facebook friendship.

Here's the sad part: I wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't for the fact that I use her as an employee on Restaurant City. Lately, it's the only reason I bother to log on to FB. I know the draw of Facebook. I've even requested people to join it. But lately, I have no desire to do much on there, except gain levels on Restaurant City. Lame, I know. Maybe I've outgrown it.

If Sadie had a problem with me, she could've called. She could've talked to me at work. Nope, just easier to give the ol' FB boot.

Somehow, I'm okay with this. Whatever.


  1. I often find it hard not to take it personally when people "unfriend" me. It used to cause major wars on Livejournal that's for sure! Now I just take it in my stride and think that it is better as it is one less person I need to keep in touch and up to date with!

  2. Too true. Another friend of mine has refused to join Facebook simply because she doesn't want to be in contact with every loser and creep she knew in high school. I don't totally regret my decision to be on Facebook (my love of Restaurant City is enough to relieve me of that), but I wish that it didn't seem like such a waste of time when someone you thought was your friend very obviously proves that he/she is not.

  3. I'm addicted to all of the Backstage and Mind Games and so that is why I go on. It is weird how people will crawl out of the woodwork and friend you but then won't respond to a message about how they are and what they've been doing... (even though they are active!)



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